CABINN processes data with respect and regard for social conditions, society, and democracy.


Processing of data for which CABINN is the data controller must not be used to harm the individual person, and people should have the primary benefit of the data processing. This means that people must be prioritized before commercial and institutional interests.


CABINN's processing of data must be done with respect for privacy and under the protection of personal information. Consideration should always be given to what data is needed, from which sources data is to be obtained, and how sensitive this data is considered to be. Content, scope and sharing of customers/guests, business partners, and employees' personal data should be limited as much as possible and not stored for longer than absolutely necessary.


Processing of CABINN's data must support customers/guests and business partners in making informed and independent choices. Individuals should have control over their own data, including control over what data is collected, what it is used for, and in what contexts. Written consent must therefore always be given for us to store and use personal data, as well as to state to what extent and where the data is used. We refer to our section on GDRP which can be found on our websites.


CABINN's processing of data must not discriminate on the basis of ethnicity, sexuality, gender, socio-economic background, political opinions, religion, trade union membership, genetic data, biometric data, disability, or other health-related data. Processing of data must not reproduce prejudices that marginalize and stigmatize population groups. Diversity must be ensured in the development and application of new technology by, for example, involving relevant specialist groups and organisations.


CABINN's processing of data must be done with respect for fundamental freedoms in a democratic society. Including freedom of speech, information, religion, assembly, and association.

Legal Certainty

CABINN's processing of data must be done with respect for basic legal security guarantees and the level of legal security in society.


CABINN's processing of data must be sufficiently transparent. There must be access to insight into own data. Information must be given clearly and comprehensibly about the processing of data, the purpose of data processing, function, security, and limitations. The underlying patterns must be explainable and justified.


CABINN'S processing of data must be sufficiently secure, robust, and reliable. Security must be ensured in the storage and sharing of data, so that data does not inadvertently become available to unauthorized persons.

It must be possible to monitor and exercise effective supervision and control so that errors and potential negative social or ethical consequences can be identified, reported, documented, and minimized. We refer to our IT Security policy, which can be found on our shared drive.


It must be possible to hold people accountable. It must be clear at all stages who is responsible for the consequences for the development and use of data. This applies, among other things, to developers, users, authorities, companies, business partners and third parties.

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