CABINN is the data controller

When you use our hotels, including in connection with booking rooms, conferences or enter into any other kind of transaction with us, CABINN acts as the data controller for personal data in relation to the services you use.

CABINN only collects the personal data relevant to the purpose described in the separate terms and conditions for the service in question and this privacy policy. Which personal data CABINN collects and the purpose of the collection shall depend on the service in question.

CABINN uses the personal data to administer, offer, develop and maintain the services we offer, including the following purposes:

  • Handling your reservations and purchase of CABINN’s services
  • Contact with you, prior to, during and after your stay
  • Improvement and development of CABINN’s services
  • Personalising our communication with you and our marketing towards you
  • Analysis of user behaviour
  • Administration of your relationship with CABINN
  • Legal compliance.

When you submit your personal data to CABINN, you simultaneously consent to CABINN keeping and processing your personal data in accordance with this privacy policy.

What kind of data does CABINN collect?

Among other things, CABINN collects the following personal data:

  • Name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, date of birth and other general personal data.
  • Credit card data.
  • Demographic information.
  • Purchase history, including the use of CABINN’s website and/or other digital services.
  • Feedback via our customer surveys.
  • Feedback via physical as well as online based competitions, including newsletters.
  • Feedback on social media and other digital platforms.
  • IP address and browser data. Se section below regarding cookie policy.
  • Information on your company and relevant contact persons.

You may decide to submit to CABINN personal data in addition to the general personal data which you think may be of importance either for safety reasons and/or to give CABINN an opportunity to tailor their service especially to you. If you decide to do this, CABINN considers it a simultaneous consent to CABINN to register and save this sensitive information on your profile.

This could be information about:

  • Disabilities
  • Allergies
  • Special dietary requirements
  • Medical and physical condition
  • Contact persons for emergency situations.

In addition to receiving information from you, CABINN may, in some instances, supplement our information with information received from a third party, for instance someone responsible for group travel or a business partner (for instance a travel agency or an agent). In such a case, it is the responsibility of the third party to inform the guests in question of CABINN’s terms and conditions and this privacy polity. It is also the responsibility of the third party to procure the necessary consent to registration and processing of any sensitive information.

Security around storage of personal data

CABINN has adopted internal rules on information security which contains instructions and measures to protect your personal data against unauthorized access to or knowledge of your data.

CABINN has firm procedures in place for access rights to those of our employees who process sensitive personal data and data that exposes information on personal interests and habits. CABINN controls their actual access through logging and supervision.

In order to avoid loss of data, CABINN takes regular back-ups of our databases. Should a safety breach submit you to a high risk of discrimination, ID theft, financial loss, loss of reputation or any other significant disadvantage, CABINN shall inform you of the safety breach as quickly as possible.

CABINN’s safety procedures are revised regularly and changed based on the newest technological development.

Sharing and transferring of personal data

In order to be able to provide you with the highest level of service, CABINN shares some select personal data with external suppliers such as agents, research agencies and companies supplying IT solutions to CABINN, for example reservation systems and check-in systems. CABINN also shares and communicates your personal data within the group. The purpose of sharing is to be able to provide you with the highest service irrespective of which hotel you are approaching. In some cases, CABINN may also be obliged to transfer your personal data according to legal requirements or by order of a public authority. You can always ask for information on the extent to which CABINN has shared your personal data, cf below under “Your rights”.

Deletion of personal data

CABINN will delete your personal data at when CABINN is no longer required by legislation to keep the information, or when there is no longer a purpose for the processing. Your data may also be deleted if you invoke your right of erasure, cf. Below.

Your rights

According to the General Data Protection Regulation you have a number of rights.

Right of access to information:

You have a right to gain insight into the personal data that CABINN processes and keeps about you and to receive further supplementary information in this connection, including to which extent and with whom CABINN has shared the data. This right may, however, be limited out of concern for other people’s privacy rights, for business secrets and/or immaterial property rights.

Right to rectification:

You have a right to have the personal data, CABINN has registered about you, updated and rectified.

Right of erasure:

You have a right to have the personal data, CABINN has registered about you, deleted. If you wish to have your personal data deleted, CABINN will delete any information which it is not required to keep by law.

Right to restriction of processing:

In some cases, you have a right to restrict CABINN’s processing of your personal data.

Right to data portability:

You have a right to receive your personal data in a structured, commonly used machine-readable format, so you can take your data to another supplier. This right only applies to information you yourself have given to CABINN and which CABINN processes based on your consent or in order to fulfil an agreement.

Right to object:

You have a right to object to the processing of your personal data. The right to object only applies in special circumstances. Whether the right to object applies depends on CABINN’s purpose of processing as well as the legal basis for the processing.

Recalling consent:

Where the processing of personal data is based on your consent, you may at any time recall the consent. Processing of your personal data will then cease unless CABINN is obliged by law to process the personal data.

How do I use my rights?

If you wish to make use of your rights, send a request to stating exactly which rights, you wish to make use of. Your request must include your full name and address. Please note that for safety reasons CABINN has to be able to confirm your identity before your request can be processed. In that connection, CABINN may ask you to present your driver’s licence or your passport.

CABINN will reply within 1 month of receiving your request. If the request is complicated, the deadline for responding may be prolonged by a further two months. You may also contact CABINN at if you believe your personal data is processed in violation of the legislation or other legal obligations.

CABINN may reject requests which are either unreasonably repetitive, require unconditional technical intervention (e.g. developing a new system or significantly changing a common practice), influence the protection of other people’s personal data or in situations where the requested action may be considered extremely complicated and time consuming.


If you have any questions, comments or complaints to CABINN’s processing of your personal data, you may contact CABINN in writing or electronically to:


Vodroffsvej 55
1900 Frederiksberg


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