CABINN as a Workplace

CABINN is a successful company in the hotel business. CABINN is also a modern company that demands a lor of its employees. As an employee of CABINN, you are part of a team, where everybody has a large responsibility both to yourselff and to the team to ensure the hotels work optimally.


The hotels are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. As an employee, you will therefore experience huge differences in activity levels throughout the year. From day to day and even from hour to hour activity in the hotel can change drastically. We say this is a part of the charm of the hotel business, but it is also a challenge. This makes demands of you; you will have to be able to adjust from times where you have a lot to do to suddenly being in a position where there is a lot of time.

Few Managers

We are a company that has only a few managers. We believe that by giving our employees a responsibility, the guests get a better experience when staying at CABINN. Whether you wish to make a career in the hotel business, or if you are working between your studies, CABINN gives you a solid background to build your future on.

Proper Work Conditions

CABINN hotels are a member of DANSK ERHVERV. CABINN has in this context agreed to the collective agreements with 3F and Horesta (two national trade unions). As an employee of CABINN, you can be sure that in every situation, we strive to conform to all the relevant collective agreements, work environment laws and other rules which have significance for you as an employee.

Everybody Is Welcome at CABINN

At CABINN, everybody is welcome. Regardless if your hair is blond or red, whether you come from Lolland or Lebanon, it is your qualifications and personality that mean something to us. Your education can be an advantage, but generally we do not impose conditions on this. We ensure that you'll receive a thorough training before you are asked to stand on your own two feet.

CABINNs core values can be expressed by these 6 keywords

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