About CABINN hotels in Copenhagen

CABINN has 6 hotels in Copenhagen with a total of number of 3068 rooms. That makes the CABINN chain one of the largest hotel chains in Copenhagen. The characteristic of the CABINN hotels in Copenhagen is that all of our hotels are located in the center of Copenhagen. We have always low prices, parkinglots and not to forget great rooms. Finding the best and cheapest hotel in Copenhagen is not difficult. CABINN has made it easy to choose whether you need to be close to Copenhagen Airport in Kastrup, the Congress Center of Bella Center or the Tivoli Congress Center , the harbor if Copenhagen or the beautiful area of Frederiksberg.

CABINN makes it possible to stay at a hotel in Copenhagen without spending a fortune. With prices from DKK 499, - pr. night, everybody can afford an overnight in Copenhagen. If you need to work for a longer period of time in Copenhagen or are temporarily missing an apartment, studio apartment or for other reasons are looking for a place to stay in Copenhagen for 14 days or more, our Apartment rooms are available for only DKK 395,- per night. It is a great proposal for a temporary home in Copenhagen.

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